Hold The Mayo

This week we find out that R. Lee Ermy died, Dorris is coming back from Florida, and Marie's co-worker tries to hook her up with Amy Shumer's co-worker. Then Jay loses his mind about accident babies and sex teens. Marie remembers seeing and elderly mans dong, we realize that Golden Corral has a monopoly in Florida, and Jay a.k.a. Officer Loose Cannon gets his phone fixed at the ghetto store

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This week we talk about saving coins, Marie falls off of the pizza wagon, and has jerky brain. Jay tries vanilla seltzer water, talks himself out of throwing up, and Marie goes to Boston to visit all of the distracted walkers. Then Jay has a realization about a career change, postal workers are lazy, Jay lives in an independent village, and Marie pays taxes in the year 1400

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This week Jay has Barry White voice, he takes a long hike instead of spending time with family on Easter, and we break exclusive news about the Ice Cream Lady. Marie says the worst/most disgusting thing in the history of the podcast, @WatchMarioEat pulls an April fools prank on all of us, and gives Jay the nickname "Flemmy Gross". Then Marie talks about her Easter construction projects, she re-caps a comedy show/raffle for a military veterans biker gang, and we get into some hot gun talk. Jay also tells a tale of paying a co-worker to eat dirt.

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This week Jay witnesses a drug deal, a drugged up lady eats it in front of Marie, we try to figure out if aliens are real, and we discuss troubled teens and the people of Walgreens. Then Jay tells us about his return trip to the Elvis Diner, Marie gets furious about the bathroom ladies at Starbucks, and we once again prove that we are not friends. Then Jay looses his mind while recanting the worst bomb of his comedy career (which happened hours before recording this episode).

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This week Marie shows off her cool tools, she buys all of her furniture online, we find out if she can follow simple directions, and she also finds all of her old CDs. Jay admits to never buying digital media, and he gets his name on the wall at Graceland. Marie finds out how bad her new neighbors are, we talk about company coming over, and Jay demands all teens call him "Mr. Dad" from now on

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This week Marie is back to explain her major life changes, we review a new brand of beef jerky, and Jay stumbles upon an Elvis diner and meets the real life Pam (aka the leather cracker). Marie tells us about her weight loss, she claims to not be eating midnight TacoBell, Jay is a sick teen, we plan out some racookin' with Jay's BFF Doris, and Jay gets fired up about Crust Punks.



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This week Jon Cross (After Movie Diner Podcast) guest co-hosts. He and Jay talk about their favorite toilet seat materials, the proper way to eat while sitting on the toilet, and why its okay to sit down to pee. Then Jon talks about his engagement, why scumbags always ruin romance, where Jon is getting married, 1920's Dutch Lesbians, and Jay talks about his plan to sneak weaponry into city hall. Then Jay tells us about his recent phone call with his BFF Doris, when his next cheesecake shall be arriving, Jon wears 18 layers of tweed, and we all find out that the best policy is to do what dogs do when they receive a head injury.

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This week we have a very special bonus episode. Jay explains why we needed another week to prepare for our big milestone episode. He also gets real dad mad about the Olympics, baseball, cheating, using steroids, and showing some self respect and honor. Then we hear a clip from the very first bonus episode we ever released back in 2014.

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This week Marie watches a racoon cooking video on Instagram and can't stop laughing. Then she has a panic attack when jay asks he to text Mario (#WatchMarioEat), we talk about our plans for episode 200, and we discuss an exclusive shirt giveaway. Jay and Marie both talk about living next to the airport, we thank the corrections department for all of the help over the years, and we are corrected about fine art and the sculpture of David. Then we recap the olden days of HTM podcast, Jay get fired up about touching the mic, Marie burps, and we spend a lot of time talking about Jay's new lady friend.

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This week we talk about Girl Scout cookies, selling stuff as a kid, and raising money for schools. Then we make our Super Bowl predictions, (past guest) Pat Bowlby sends fish jerky to Marie, #WatchMarioEat gets on Instagram, and we have finally made it to Hollywood! Marie turns into the cookie creep and Jay eats cookies live on air. Then Jay talks about pantsless tv commercials, streaming tv services, and which shows he has been binge watching. Then we get a BTK update and we hear some sweet hockey talk.

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